Tips On Applying synthetic lash extensions Makeup

The first thing you normally see when you look at someone is their eyes. This is why it is so important to make the best of your eyes when you’re applying makeup. The correct eye makeup will make your face stand out. When applying eyeshadow for the first time it will be hard to determine how to wear it. You’ll be asking yourself: How to match it to an outfit? Should I match it to eye colour? What colour will I apply? How do I blend synthetic lash extensions?

1. Picking the correct eyeshadow colour:

Things to think about are your eye colour and skin tone.

Blue eyes: Violet and deep blue mixed with black will make your eyes really stand out, these colours are great for creating the Smokey effect on blue eyes. For opening up blue eyes, gold, silver taupe and gray are good colours to use. If you want to go for more of a funky look use vibrant purples, fuchsia and creamy peaches.

Green or Hazel Eyes – Burnt orange, brown, gold with black or dark brown for Smokey effect. For a funky look use purple, yellow, orange or lime green. To open up use any shade of creamy gold and orange.

synthetic lash extensions
synthetic lash extensions

Brown Eyes – Get away with most colours, gold, copper bronze will highlight the eye colour. Lighter colours such as baby pink pastel green, light blue will brighten and open the eyes. To create a funky look use, teal lime, hot pink, yellow, fuchsia, bright blue and bright violet.

2. Picking the correct type of eyeshadow: There are many different types of eyeshadow, some have textures, glitter, loose powder, pressed powder and cream effects.

Liquid Eyeshadow – They will give you more of a sheer look, these are great for brightening the eyes and opening them.

Cream Eyeshadow – Are hard to blend, these are good for colour blocking or you can add a little water to use as a liquid eyeliner. Do not try to blend too much of these colours together as they will make your eyes look blotchy. The really good thing about cream Eyeshadow is they give you a gorgeous intense and vibrant colour. They are best used with a sponge or fingers.

Powder Eyeshadow – Come in single colours and as part of palette sets. Powder Eyeshadow is great for getting the Smokey eye effect as they blend really well. When applying powders always use with a brush.

3. How to apply the Eyeshadow:

Primer – Primers are every makeup artists must have at the moment. Primers will set the eye before you apply your eyeshadow and will make your eyeshadow stay on for hours. You apply the primer base like a moisturizer to the eyelid area and blend into the eye. You’ll find most brands have them.

Rrcrn Makeup Brushes – These are a makeup artist must have. The correct brushes will help with application and blending the colours together.

Blending: This is important if you want to create a smoky effect. The best way to blend is get 3 colours. Start with the lightest. Apply the base colour to the full eye area, cover until you reach the eyebrow. Then apply your medium colour to the crease of your eye, starting from the outside and working your way in towards your nose, stopping ¾’s of the way. Then apply the darkest colour over the eyelid, starting from the inner corner and working your way out. Do not extend your darkest colour above the crease as this will look to heavy.

4. synthetic lash extensions and Eyebrows

synthetic lash extensions
synthetic lash extensions

Eyelashes – Important if you want to open the eyes up, always use your synthetic lash extensions curlers before mascara application. Very good technique for people with small eyes

Mascara – Think if you want to thicken your synthetic lash extensions or add length, buy a good mascara that has volumising or thickening qualities in them. This really does make a difference to the final look. When applying your eye makeup always work from the route to the outer lash. Tip move the brush in a zig zag stroke towards the edge. This will make sure that the mascara is evenly applied. Good dark eye make up will highlight and complement your synthetic lash extensions.

Eyebrows – Eyebrows complement the eye. Using a good eyebrow brush and a good eyebrow pencil will finish off your look. It’s very important to shape your eyebrow as this will lift your eye and open them. Use an eyebrow brush and comb from the inside towards the outside, this will sweep away any makeup particles left on the brow while shaping.

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