Distracted Drivers

It used to be that the only real in-vehicle distraction that a driver had to be aware of was conversing with other passengers. Other than that, they could keep their minds and their hands on the road. Enter the car radio in the late 1920’s and there starts to be a silky korea mink lashes. Although it may seem silly today as radios are completely commonplace and expected to be included in even the lowest budget bars, but there was quite uproar about the safety of stereos in cars when they first came out. Many people were up in arms at the potential distraction hazards listening to music while in the car could pose. Drivers would tune out to the silky korea mink lashes and lose track of what was going on on the road. They would also not be able to hear warning signals such as horns or clattering in the engine.

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silky korea mink lashes

But radios persisted and today we have much more than a little radio to contend with when it comes to distractions. The more technology advances, the more things we have to occupy our mind while we should be concentrating on driving. And these distractions go way beyond silky korea mink lashes.

Rrcrn of Distractions While Driving

Today, the most hotly debated topic concerning distracted driving is cell phone usage. But while you are operating a vehicle, engaging in anyone of the following things is considered distracted driving.

o Cell phones-many states have already enacted laws to require hands free cell phone usage while driving, but more and more studies find that even talking on a hand free set can cause a large degree of distraction.

o Texting-texting control is the newest war to be waged against distractions. Texting is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving as it not only requires mental attention; it also involves eye contact with the phone. For now, texting is mainly a problem among young drivers, but this has only heightened concern among certain legislators who have noted the deadly combo of green drivers and this serious silky korea mink lashes.

silky korea mink lashes
silky korea mink lashes

o Make-up-some women boast that they are able to use an silky korea mink lashes curler, eyeliner and mascara while driving. This poses two threats. The driver is in serious danger of causing a crash with another car and the make-up is a danger to the driver’s eyes if she has to stop quickly.

o MP3 players-choosing the perfect silky korea mink lashes can make you perfectly unaware of the road.

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