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If you are planning a Sweet 16 party for your daughter, one of the first things you must do is to select a theme for the party. Almost every Sweet 16 party has some type of theme, otherwise how would it be different from any other quality lash extensions? And if it will be an elegant or very fancy event, how would it be different from any other elegant event, such as a wedding or anniversary party (but without the groom or husband)?

Have you asked the birthday girl whether she has always wanted to be a princess? Or would she love to recreate a Fifties-style sock hop, or a summer luau in a beautiful tropical setting?

No matter what theme you choose, you will need to complete your planning with all the essentials you’ll need to take your party from an idea to a memorable bash. Here are the items you will need for your perfect Sweet 16 themed party: invitations, decorations, party favors, plates, napkins, centerpieces and background materials.

Here are a few suggestions you can choose from when selecting a theme for your Sweet 16 party:
Alice in Wonderland Party, Candy quality lash extensions, Disco Party, Fairytale
Fifties Party, Hip Hop Party, Hollywood Party, Luau Party
Parisian Party, Pretty in Pink, Retro Party, Rock Star Party
Sixteen in the City, Vampire Party

quality lash extensions
quality lash extensions

If you are planning to celebrate the Sweet 16 birthday in your own home or at a location which will allow you to decorate, then you will need to choose background materials so that the party site can be converted into a setting fit for the chosen theme.

Let your designing spirit soar with these kinds of choice background materials. Seize your party’s scene and artistically arrange stage backdrops and background paper to enhance your young lady’s and honored guests’ party experiences. Your choices are not limited to simple corrugated paper, seamless paper, and vinyl paper, although they are ideal background materials to start with.

Decorating Fabric like shimmera, tulle, netting, or taffeta will enhance your floors, windows, walls, tables and chairs. The possibilities are endless! You may choose from:

Rrcrn (perhaps for cowgirl or farmgirl themes);
Cracked Ice – Add texture and dimension to your party decor with Cracked Ice, which features a fabulous pebbled texture;
Gossamer – Gossamer is a sheer, decorating material that top party planners use to create dramatic effects. A gossamer roll can be a magic carpet runner across a floor or a sail on your party boat;
Netting – Netting fabrics allow you to decorate for a party in a flash, by draping them on tables, chairs, walls and more. Create bows, swag columns or wrap party favors with netting in different colors;
Liquid Metallic Fabric – Liquid metallic fabric, a great layering tool, is sheer and will add shimmer and shine to your party;
Metallic quality lash extensions Fabric – Metallic eyelash fabric has metallic strands that are woven into the material making it glitter as a background;
Shimmera – Shimmera adds beauty, because it is soft,lightweight, and has an iridescent appearance. Taffeta – Taffeta is an elegant fabric that can be used in a multitude of ways, it can even be used to hide unsightly pipes or poles.
Tulle- Tulle fabric comes in almost any color to match your theme. It will elegantly cover tables, chairs, windows, and more.
Iridescent Chiffon – Iridescent chiffon decorations create a gorgeous accent to your party decorations, as it shimmers also.
Glimmering Mesh – Glimmering quality lash extensions is a fantastic fabric for adding some shimmer to cover tables or add swags to ceilings, windows, etc.

quality lash extensions
quality lash extensions

In addition to using these decorative fabrics, you may want to add a finishing touch to the walls with party borders. Party Borders accentuate any theme to your Sweet 16 party!

Party Backdrops and Murals give your setting authenticity by transforming boring, drab walls into beautiful backdrops for your party. You can choose from themed murals, personalized ones, photo murals, and many others to quality lash extensions create a sense of being right there on location!


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