Curly Horse Characteristics and Advantages

Curly horses are horses which have a certain gene, inherited from their parents, which makes their hair curly. Not only their coat, but also other hair (mane, tail, fetlocks, even qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes) can be curled. They are becoming increasingly popular for three reasons:

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  • Hypoallergenic. Most people who have an allergy to horses find that they have no allergy to curly horses or have a reduced allergic reaction.
  • Appearance. The appearance of these horses, due to the curls or waves in their coat, is not only unusual but many people find it exceptionally attractive.
  • Temperament. These horses are reputed to be particularly calm, sensible and intelligent. As such they are especially suited to children and for therapy.

Although the genes which produce curly hair are relatively uncommon among horses, they are found in many different types of horse, from miniatures to standard sized to draft horses. These horses also vary in color and build.

Rrcrn nature of the curl also varies from horse to horse. In some cases it consists of large, heavy curls but in others it is smaller curls or even fine pin curls. It may even be waves. In some cases, the hair is straight as in a normal horse (no sign of curl), but the horse is still considered a ‘curly horse’ because it is descended from curly horse parents and retains other characteristics such as being hypoallergenic even though it does not display the characteristic curly coat.

Consequently, there is tremendous variety in this group of horses. Curly breeders and associations are still working on defining the breed standard and implementing a breeding program based on this standard, in order that curly horses can be bred towards a standard type (one of the requirements for being recognized as an official breed). Therefore, if you thinking of buying a curly horse, the first thing to keep in mind is that there is no standard appearance for curly horses, so you need to look around to qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes the type (size, color and amount of curl) which most appeals to you.

When choosing a curly, also keep in mind that the extent of the curl changes with age and also with season (it is most pronounced in winter). In summer, the hair is not only less curled, but is also shorter and thinner; in some cases the manes and tail hair are extremely short. If appearance is very important, before making your final decision you should see what the horse looks like (even if just from photos) in both winter and qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes. You should also check the bloodline which the horse is from as an indication of how the coat will change as it ages (the nature of the changes vary from bloodline to bloodline).

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qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes

If you are choosing a curly because these horses are hypoallergenic, be aware that the extent of this quality varies from horse to horse and that the benefit varies from person to person. Consequently, any combination of horse and person may exhibit no allergy, a reduced allergy, or the usual horse allergy. Therefore, one should test the person with the horse to determine the extent of the benefit. If one has extreme allergic qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes, take medical advice on how to do this test safely.

Unlike other horses, these horses are normally not clipped for show purposes. This is because, unlike most breeds, its winter coat is considered particularly attractive and its distinguishing characteristic. Curly horses are also known as qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes, American Bashkir Curlies, or North American Curly Horses7

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