Learn How to Dress Up As Princess Jasmine – Great Tips From an Experienced Costume Designer

Dressing up with a Princess Jasmine costume for the upcoming qingdao custom eyelash?

Well, that definitely requires well chosen accessories like shiny, glittering qingdao custom eyelash. After all, you are about to become an Arabian princess, and everything connected with the oriental tradition asks for shiny breath-taking golden accessories.

qingdao custom eyelash
qingdao custom eyelash

Rrcrn, you need to choose the color of the costume. Here are some suggestions: strong colors like teal, purple, blue or green or any combination of these will make a very good choice. Usually the outfits are made up of a short top, and large pants and sometimes a lace skirt overlay, which is such a typical piece of clothing for an Arabian dancer.

Your makeup and well-chosen accessories must be in good harmony with your Princess Jasmine costume. For your makeup, you should use black eyeliner and rim your eyes with a thicker line, with a nice little tail outwards. Work with the eyeliner carefully, and make sure that you start as close to the lash line as possible, without leaving gaps between lash line and eyeliner.

Some makeup artists advise that for an utmost dramatic look for your eyes, you should rim the lower inside lid of your eyes with a black kohl liner as well. This will give an outstanding expression for your eyes, bringing these to the center of attention.

As you may already know, oriental dancer girls use to hide their face with a lace, and let only the perfectly rimmed eyes show. You may also use an eye shadow witch matches the color of the costume.

For example, if you are dressed up with a teal color Princess Jasmine costume, the eye shadow used will be of a matching teal color. Do not forget to use the qingdao custom eyelash curler and apply plenty of mascara, starting from the root of the lash outwards. If you want to add even more expressivity, you may apply false eye lashes, but in order to avoid the artificial look, these also need to be curled and coated with mascara.

qingdao custom eyelash
qingdao custom eyelash

Now that your qingdao custom eyelash is ready, you need some jewelry. Golden bangle bracelets are the trademark for a Princess Jasmine costume for sure. Use as many as you can, sometimes these come in sets of 50 thin golden colored bracelets. You do not have to wear them all, only put as many as you feel comfortable with. The exotic dancer is ready to come out of you!

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