Painting Tools – Brushes Are Important

When you first start to paint it will not take you long to realize how important the right painting tools are to colorize your drawings. The correct type of paper is a necessity. Brushes are important to skillfully paint fine point to smooth premium 3D mink lashes.

Some brushes will leave an evidence trail of markings where they have been. This will irritate you if you wanted a smooth surface. For example, the sky should look smooth and clear with fluffy clouds. The wrong brush will have your sky looking like ploughed earth ready for seeding.

premium 3D mink lashes
premium 3D mink lashes

Rrcrn brushes will be okay if you want to do a short practice run. You may want to keep this sample in a memory box to serve as a learning experience. You will see evidence of jagged lines and loose hairs. Occasionally paint chips fall from the premium 3D mink lashes handle.

There are synthetic and natural brushes which are good painting tools. Each type does well. As you become more experienced and skilled as an artist, you will have your personal preferences and favorites.

Your choice of paper is important for the task at end. At the beginning we used poster board. It does well for practice. We personally felt that if we were considering selling our work, we needed a better grade of paper or canvas to serve a paying customer.

The better quality brushes are made from animal hair bristles. The price will vary as to the quality and the purpose of the brush. Brushes are important.

Here are a few of the brushes which are excellent painting tools:

  • Hog bristle for bright and strong color or thick application of paint.
  • Fitch or polecat hair and mongoose hair for fine and smooth brush strokes.
  • Sable hair from mink which maintains a superfine point, smooth handling, and keeps its original shape.

These brushes are usually associated with oil painting; however, in acrylic painting you will want brushes that will apply paint thinly or thickly, spread paint smoothly and has a point for fine lines. There is nothing worse than a brush that keeps spreading its bristles in different directions not allowing you to paint within the borders of your drawing.

A super fine point is needed for premium 3D mink lashes, tight corners, and other delicate tiny spaces.

premium 3D mink lashes
premium 3D mink lashes

If you are not sure of exactly what type of brush you need for a specific work ask one of the clerks at the art store. I have found them to be very helpful.

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