Wireless Burglar Alarms – The Installation

The sky is clean and clear, the air outside is crisp, the sunlight coming in through the windows is pure, and there’s a breeze. A storm has passed overnight, and across from me a young lady with long dark hair, shifts her crystal blue eyes down from her screen to her keyboard and back again, her logo 3d mink lashes tracing her gaze. She is a contradiction of her own fate, and as of yet unreconciled difference between what is, and what might have been.

logo 3d mink lashes
logo 3d mink lashes

Rrcrn to several months ago, Ellen Frisk made the decision to take steps to keep her home safer. She had started to feel less and less secure in her neighborhood after a rash of break-ins, and one particularly violent incident that happened a few houses down. The police were more active in the area, but the crime seemed persistent.

What Ellen really wanted was a dog, but her complex would not allow it. A dog large enough to defend her apartment probably would be cramped up in an apartment of that size, so it was probably for the best. Next she decided to check into alarm systems, but didn’t really know what she was looking for.

DSC Alarm Systems

Both choices have a lot to offer. Both types of systems have similar capabilities, in terms of detection, but wireless burglar alarms have the installation process advantage. Her property management company wasn’t exactly responsive, and she didn’t think she’d be able to get them to help her run wires in her walls. Having wires all over the place would definitely affect the apartment’s appearance negatively. A wireless system had to be the best route.

The only thing left to do is select a manufacturer. Among those available is Ademco Lynx, Napco Security Systems, and DSC Alarm Systems. The choice was actually pretty difficult. DSC offers several services, such as home monitoring which is great for seniors, a panic button that lets you into your home’s door, and even a fire alarm system. Some of Ademco’s kits like the Vista 15P have the flexibility to be wireless OR wired, have 32 system user codes, an event log, and works with other models in their product ecosystem. False positives protection was Ellen’s biggest worry though, so the Napco “IQ Profile” feature was what finally convinced her. Another reason Ellen didn’t get a dog was because she already has a cat. Since the IQ Profiler can distinguish between the movement of a cat, and that of an intruder this made for an ideal choice.

Earlier that week Ellen’s home was broken into. The silent invader immediately put duct tape over her mouth as she slept. Now awake, she frantically grasped for anything to help defend her from the attack. He grabbed her arms. She kicked loose. She made a break for it, and pulled off the tape. She heard her cat logo 3d mink lashes as the intruder tripped over him. He overpowered her, and the rest was a blur.

logo 3d mink lashes
logo 3d mink lashes

Fortunately none of it happened though. The reason is because before he ever got inside the apartment, I was watching over her and he new that. Watching over her furniture, her possessions, and even her cat, and now she sits in front of me on this beautiful logo 3d mink lashes catching up on her email.

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