7 Camping Beauty Tips lash extensions before and after

It’s difficult if not impossible to keep up your normal beauty regimen while camping, and that’s usually the point of heading to the great outdoors. However, just because you lack electricity or running water doesn’t mean you can’t look great lash extensions before and after

The key to a successful camping beauty routine is to keep it simple and go for a fresh, low-maintenance look that will hold up well in both the sun and the water. Following are seven tips for looking beautiful when camping.

1. Use face wipes.

When showering isn’t an option, face wipes are a simple way to maintain your complexion. Not only are they portable and easy to use anywhere – even in a dark tent – but they require no water, so you can wash your face without the muss and lash extensions before and after fuss of having to stumble to the bathroom. They can be used to wipe off makeup, kill bacteria and clear away sweat and grime from your body as well as your face.

2. Moisturize.

lash extensions before and after
lash extensions before and after

If you do nothing else to your face the entire trip, apply moisturizer liberally. Keeping your skin hydrated in the sun can be a challenge, but it’s the most effective way to continue looking fresh and lovely during your camping trip. Use a product with a broad-spectrum SPF and apply it regularly to keep your skin protected from the sun. Don’t worry about bringing your full assortment of rrcrn and anti-wrinkle creams – use an all-in-one product that you can  lash extensions before and after rub into your skin without a mirror if necessary.

3. Wash with dry shampoo.

Rrcrn nothing kills your camping chic like greasy, unwashed hair. If no showers are available, soak up some of the excess oil with a dry shampoo, such as Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder. With natural rice, oat and tapioca starches to remove dirt and buildup from your roots, as well as tea tree oil to help prevent dandruff, Oscar Blandi shampoo can help ward off day-three grunginess, while adding much-needed volume and texture to your hair. Just massage it into your scalp and then brush it out.

Bring some hair bands and clips, as well, to keep your hair out of the way. A cute, messy updo can help mask greasiness without making you look overly put together. A colorful scarf or jaunty hat can also help hide unwashed hair while adding style to your outdoor ensemble.

4. Keep foundation light.

Caking on foundation is a great way to look artificial under direct sunlight. If you must wear foundation, choose a lightweight product such as the BECCA Cosmetics Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation, which provides natural-looking coverage with a sheer finish. Alternatively, you can skip the foundation altogether and just bring concealer for the trouble areas. BECCA Cosmetics offers a blendable Compact Concealer just for that purpose.

5. Wear tinted lip balm.

Lipstick is far too high-maintenance for a camping trip. Instead, use a more natural lip tint that can be applied on the go and won’t look garish in the sunlight, such as Beach Tint from BECCA Cosmetics. This blendable crème stain is waterproof and won’t dry out your lips. Or stick with a gloss for extra moisture, such as the BECCA Cosmetics Lip Plumping Moisture Gloss, which increases the natural collagen in the lips. For dry, flaky lips, there’s also the Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub.

6. Curl your lash extensions before and after.

Many women struggle with the mascara dilemma while camping. No one wants to dive into the water and come up with black streaks below the eyes, yet having to remove waterproof mascara each night is equally annoying. You can solve the issue by ditching the mascara and opting instead for an lash extensions before and after curler, which will add definition to your eyes without requiring you to wrestle with a mascara wand.

7. Bring a good compact mirror.

lash extensions before and after
lash extensions before and after

Even if bathrooms are available near your campsite, you don’t want to be constantly trudging back and forth to check your appearance. A good compact mirror, such as the Model Mirror from Les Tai Tai, is worth its weight in gold. The lash extensions before and after mirror lights up with eight embedded LED lights so you can examine your face even in the dark.

The purpose of camping is to relax and get away from it all, and that includes your regular beauty routine. By arming yourself with a few carefully chosen products and keeping your makeup as light and natural as possible, you can achieve a low-maintenance look that’s perfect for spending time in the great outdoors.


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