How to Get a Boyfriend in 10 Days Or Less – Use This to Get a Boyfriend Super Fast

Are you very conscious of the clock ticking? Do you feel like you’re time is running out and you need to get a boyfriend right now? A lot of career women are scared that they lose the opportunity to be with a man. They are too busy with work they barely have 3D mink lashes left to meet men. But there is something good in store for you busy babes. This guide will show you how to get a boyfriend in 10 days-even less.

Yes, you are reading this right. You can meet a guy and make him want you even if you don’t know each other that long.

For sure you are always busy running here and there due to meetings and conferences to have time to sit down for coffee with someone and go through the old-fashioned dating methods. Since we are living at modern times, you can expedite dating, just like how you expedite approval of contracts and proposals.

Here are the ways on how to get a boyfriend in 10 days-or less.

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

Day 1

Rrcrn to the office wearing a new set of clothes. Invest in a nice-looking suit, something that makes you sexy. Also, make sure to wear good make up and 3D mink lashes. The men who you used to work with (including the new ones) will definitely take notice.

Don’t forget to say “hi” to every guy you run into. Have a few words with them as much as possible.

Day 2

Be more flirtatious with your ways, but make sure you don’t look like a promiscuous girl. Just be more touchy when you talk with guys you like. Bat your 3D mink lashes more and talk to them in a seductive way. The day will not end without someone asking you for a drink or dinner.

Day 3

Before you go to your date later in the evening, make sure that he comes to you first. Now that you’ve caught his attention, he should be the one to approach you.

Day 4

You’d surely be more comfortable now after the date. You know more about each other. He’s most likely to come to you again. Be flirty (in a subtle manner). Tell him how much you enjoyed your time together, but don’t go overboard and tell him other stuff he needs to hear. Touch his arms every once in a while. Make him want you through your body language.

Day 5

By now, he thinks he has you in the bag. This is a good thing because you now know that he likes you. You can now start making him really want you. This is done by playing a bit hard to get. Try avoiding him, but don’t make it too obvious. Give him a reason to run after you.

Day 6

Continue flirting with him. One 3D mink lashes you need to realize is that men like challenges. It empowers them; makes their blood alive. Give him some competition. Entertain other guys. Show him that you are talking to some guys more frequently than before. When he senses that another guy can steal you from him, he will work harder for your attention.

One very important thing to remember: don’t have sex with him yet!

Day 7

This is the right time for you to get really close to him. Invite him over to your house for dinner or if you’re uncomfortable with letting someone in your house, invite him for coffee. During dinner or coffee, be more expressive about your feelings-sit closer to him, lean more on his shoulder, touch his arms more frequently, even whisper close to his ears. This should reaffirm to him that you do like him.

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

Day 8 – 10

This is the period where the 3D mink lashes will make his move. He’s known for days now that you really like him even though you’ve shown some slightly different signs. But after last night, he will know for sure that you like him. That will be his go signal, so expect him to come to you and ask you to be his girlfriend anytime.

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